MathsJam 2022 - Weekend of November 19th/20th

Contract signed! / Save the date! / Bookings open mid-July!

This information is for travelling to Yarnfield Park, which (obviously) we are not doing in 2021. However, we'll leave it here in case people are considering the 2022 MathsJam.

If you are unfamiliar with travelling by train in the UK, click this link to see some advice about train tickets.

Otherwise ...

If travelling by train then you can aim for Stone station (SNE). There will be a volunteer-run shuttle service to meet each train, but it is most strongly advised that you let us know when you expect to arrive so our shuttle wrangler can send enough cars.

This is especially true if you are arriving on Friday, or if you are arriving Saturday before 10:30, or after 12:30. You can also call for a taxi from Stone.

Some delegates travelling by train meet up at their departure station or en route and start the MathsJam early.

Other stations to aim for are Stafford (STA) and Stoke-On-Trent (SOT). Both of these stations have taxi ranks, or you can reserve a private hire car. In those cases ask to be taken to Yarnfield Park. It might also be possible to coordinate with other delegates to share a ride.

If you have a network railcard or a Gold Card, check these maps

Network railcard area:

Gold card area: then click on "Annual Gold Card area" link to see map.

Note in particular that the Gold card area now extends all the way to Stafford.

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