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Solipsys Limited does keep data for various purposes. We run a few services, such as "Meet With Me", the Annual Maths Jam Gathering, or giving talks, master classes, workshops, and so forth. In each case we have only the data people have given us explicitly for the purpose of running those services and providing the facilities requested.

But your data is yours. We keep it safe (and are gradually making it safer over time), but you have rights. You can:

  • Request a copy of your data;
  • Request that we correct the data;
  • Request that we delete the data.

Some data we need to keep for financial or accounting reasons, but otherwise we will comply to the full extent of the law.

We don't sell your data, or use it for any reason other than to do what you asked us to do. That, of course, depends on why you gave us the data, but we will provide that information on request.

In short:

  • We keep your data safe;
  • We only use it to do what you asked;
  • We don't do anything naughty with the data;
  • We will provide, correct, and/or delete on request
    • ... so long as we legally can do so.

If you have any questions, email us:



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