MathsJam 2023 - Weekend of November 11th/12th

Tickets that include accommodation now sold out.

Tickets that do not include accommodation are now available.

If you need a residential ticket, email us for the waiting list.

Tickets are on sale!

  • Aug 30 : Tickets On Sale
  • Sep 30 : Early-bird Closed
  • Oct 13 : Tickets with accommodation sold out
  • Oct 20 : Talk submission closes
  • Oct 26 : Non-residential tickets available
  • Nov 01 : Tables submission closes
  • w/c Nov 06th :
    • Visit the virtual space ...
    • get used to how it works
  • Nov 10 (evening) : The pre-MathsJam social
  • Nov 11 (morning) : Arrival, and the event is underway.
  • Nov 12 (evening) : Event ends 8-(
  • Nov 13 : That's a wrap ...
MathsJam 2023:

Already convinced? Here's the link to buy tickets[->]!

If you're not convinced, here's more about it:

For more information, read on, or click around.

For in-person tickets:

Due to prices rises by the venue, and the percentages charged by the ticketing service, we have, finally, reluctantly, had to raise our prices. This is the first price increase since 2011, and it has been kept to an absolute minimum to safeguard the future of the event.

Note: The weekend tickets include:


  • Full price single : 180;
  • Full price double or twin : 145 PP;
  • In-person non-residential ticket (not including accommodation) : 80;
    • 10% discount for the unwaged;
    • 10% early-bird discount available;
  • Optional B&B available for Friday
    • Dinner also optionally available on Friday
  • Optional Dinner B&B available for Sunday
For the extra nights, no discounts are available:

  • Friday:
    • Single B&B 75.00 (+10 for dinner)
    • Double B&B 55.00 (+10 for dinner) pp
  • Sunday:
    • Single DB&B 85.00 (dinner included)
    • Double DB&B 65.00 (dinner included) pp
Unwaged XOR
Unwaged AND
per person
116 pp

On-line/remote attendance tickets are available:

For more details see How To Register. There you will find more information about the choices on offer, and a link to the ticket purchasing site.

For those brave and foolhardy souls wanting to go straight to the ticket purchasing site without delay, click here:

Who will be there?

MathsJams are a chance for anyone to join the fun. We have people from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, education, and ability. All you need is an interest in and enthusiasm for maths of all types.

What happens?

The program includes:

The talk slides and descriptions from previous years are collated in archive here:

What next?

Come back and check this page as and when you can.

The MathsJam Gathering Code of Conduct can be found here:

A note from Colin Wright

The Annual MathsJam Gathering is effectively a private party being organised by me (with help from people who are amazingly generous with their time). I promise I'll treat you fairly, and ask that you do the same. I promise that if you send me money then either the event will run and you'll have a place, or I'll give you your money back.

If you pay and then cancel, I will refund your money if you give me a sensible amount of notice. In short, I will do my best to treat you fairly.

If you don't trust me, don't send me your money!

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