MathsJam 2023 - Weekend of November 11th/12th

Tickets that include accommodation now sold out.

Tickets that do not include accommodation are now available.

If you need a residential ticket, email us for the waiting list.

Why you should come to the MathsJam Gathering

Students: By looking at problems, puzzles, games and other challenges you can gain a wealth of techniques and materials for approaching problems, both real-world and in your studies.
Teachers: You'll get a vast selection of stimulating starters to stretch and challenge even the most demanding students, an awareness of how to encourage the most able students to enrich their learning of mathematics, and a variety of techniques to lead students to develop their thinking skills and to question and work with others collaboratively to solve mathematical problems.
Professionals: Puzzles and games form a microcosm in which we can explore problem-solving techniques and analytical styles.
People whose first language is not English: An opportunity to practise all sorts of language skills as a side-effect of doing maths!
Everyone else: It should be a fun, stimulating event that let you connect, or re-connect, with your love of maths!

Something for everyone, even (especially?) non-mathematicians with a curiosity bump:

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