MathsJam 2022 - Weekend of November 19/20

Planning is underway ... bookings not yet open.

Once you have paid, you can
propose a talk via the link
that then appears on your
booking status page.

The MathsJam Gathering is a great place to share puzzles, games, toys, or anything you've found interesting. We're not looking for Earth-shattering maths, nor new discoveries, nor anything exceptionally deep or meaningful. We're looking for things that are surprising, unexpected, elegant, neat, cool, or whatever just intrigues you.

There are important things you need to know as a speaker.


A Windows laptop will be made available for presenting.

Please name your presentation with your name:

Please either:

If you must run your presentation on your laptop:

You will have a choice of handheld 'stick' microphone, or clip-on microphone.


This is important:

You really will have
only five minutes

Consider very carefully how many slides you have.

You slides will have to be visible at the back of a large(ish) room:

Please, please, rehearse your timing!

There are some thoughts on providing Language Assistance for anyone who is a little worried about their ability in English. Click that link to find out more.

Technical matters ...

Whether you will be presenting from your own laptop or using the one provided, here is some information you may find useful:

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