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We appreciate that some non-native English speakers interested in attending the Gathering might want some help with their slides, talks, competitions, Saturday activities or similar.

It's also possible that they might have questions they're not confident they can ask in English.

Feel free to send us questions in your native language if necessary, and we will see what we can do. Please understand that may not have anyone able to read what you send, and that our answers may be in English. If you tell us the English name of your native language that may help us work out if we can find someone who can read it.

We will have some volunteers willing to look at slides / competitions and comment on the English on them. We may even have some volunteers willing to listen to (parts of) attempts at talks via Skype, or recordings of them, and make comments. The volunteers will not necessarily have any knowledge of your native language though we will make some attempt to find one who is available if we have any such.

If some urgent problem arises you can't handle in English, we can try to find someone else at the event who speaks your language natively or do the best we can with one of our volunteers. Please understand that we can make no guarantees at all about this. Best endeavours only.

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