MathsJam 2022 - Weekend of November 19th/20th

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This information is for travelling to Yarnfield Park, which (obviously) we are not doing in 2021. However, we'll leave it here in case people are considering the 2022 MathsJam.

Saturday arrival

You can drive to the venue, and there is plenty of parking round the back of the venue. The nearest station is Stone, Staffordshire (SNE), with trains arriving at the following times: (These are times for August 2019 - details of times for November 2019 are still to come)

  • Southbound services from Crewe:
    • 09:43, 10:41, R, 11:42, L, 12:42, 13:41
  • Northbound services from Euston:
    • 09:58, 10:57, R, 11:57, L, 12:56, 13:57
The "R" and "L" are
for Registration and Lunch,
which start at 11:00 and
12:30 respectively.
The first session is at 14:00

See also: Shuttle Service

Check-in is not available until 14:00.

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