MathsJam 2023 - Weekend of November 11th/12th

Tickets that include accommodation now sold out.

Tickets that do not include accommodation are now available.

If you need a residential ticket, email us for the waiting list.

Here are this year's talk submissions. This ordering is provisional and may be subject to change.


SESSION 1a 14:00-14:40

SESSION 1b 15:10pm-15:50

SESSION 1c 16:20-17:00

SESSION 1d 17:30-18:10

Saturday Night Tables 8-9pm and 8.30pm-9.30pm


SESSION 2a 08:45-09:30

SESSION 2b 10:00-10:45

Required: at least 4 rubber ducks (which will be provided) Optional: access to the North Pacific Ocean.

SESSION 2c 11:15-11:55

SESSION 2d 12:25-12:50

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