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MathsJam activities
On Saturday evening there will be the opportunity for people to run an activity. This can be anything from learning how to play Go, playing games of Set, making things with origami, learning to spin/knit/crochet, and more. A section of the room will be set up with tables each containing an activity, and the person proposing the activity must bring instructions, equipment and materials for attendees to learn a new thing, make something or do something fun.

The activity proposer must be prepared to stay at their table (if this is necessary for their activity to happen) for a pre-specified hour of the evening (starting after dinner), although activities may continue afterwards. People running tables will also get a one-minute talk slot during the day in a special lightning session to explain/advertise their activity. There is no need to book to attend a table, and you may visit as many as you wish during the evening, as long as the people running the tables are still happy to continue.

The submission form is available via your booking status form.

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