MathsJam 2023 - Weekend of November 11th/12th

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Photos and Videos ...

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This is very much a first draft. There will be sections that are unclear, and that will need to be crafted to reduce the possibilities of misunderstanding.

If there is some phrasing where you think the clarity can be improved, please let me know.

Colin Wright -

Ever since the very first Annual MathsJam Gathering back in 2010 people have asked whether talks will be videoed and made available on-line, or whether the event can be live-streamed. A deliberate and conscious decision was made that the event was intended to be ephemeral, that it is for the delegates, by the delegates, and if you wanted to be a part of it then you had to be there.

And that ethos has survived. The intention of the weekend is for people to get together and to share "stuff" with each other. For people to show things they find interesting to others who, even if they don't actively find it interesting, will at least appreciate both the thing itself, and the enthusiasm of the one sharing it.

The MathsJam weekend is amazing, and we absolutely wouldn't want to do anything to break that spell. But equally, people want to have photos of things they've seen, and - with permission - of the friends they meet up with.

The code of conduct covers that, but last year one of the speakers asked for their talk to be recorded. Again, this isn't in itself against the code of conduct, so no problem. But the next speaker asked if their talk could also be recorded, and an earlier speaker said they wished they'd known so that their talk could also have been recorded.

And then a few people were concerned about the interaction between this and the code of conduct, and more, that the event was moving from being the ephemeral, "by the delegates for the delegates", and drifting more towards having a corporate feel to it.

So there is a real tension between people wanting to have a record of the event for their own use, and keeping the informal atmosphere of a gathering of friends. We don't want to lose that - it's part of what makes the MathsJam Gathering special.


We've given this a lot of talks, and, of course, COVID happened, so we continue to keep this under consideration.

Some talks will be recorded and made available.

People can still take their own photos and videos of their own friends in their own context for their own use, just as always. But in addition we will have one designated person, a regular delegate, who will be available to take more photos, and to video talks if people want. That person will be officially recognised by the organisers as someone with experience, and who can be trusted to abide by the Code of Conduct. They will be introduced at the start so people know that if they see them taking photos or videos, then they have been entrusted to observe the Code of Conduct and not to act in a manner contrary to the spirit and ethos of MathsJam.

Some part of the MathsJam spirit is personal growth. We want people to leave with more knowledge, more friends, and possibly more skills. To that end, provided it's a very small component, we feel that a a few people recording their talks won't change the spirit and feel by much, provided the recordings are for their personal use.

MathsJam isn't for CPD, but it's not against it either, and provided the spirit of the event isn't compromised, it would be OK for a few talks to be recorded for personal use, and personal growth. Speakers will explicitly be reminded that a talk is for them to share something with the audience, and isn't for them to practise technique.

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