MathsJam 2022 - Weekend of November 19/20

Planning is underway ... bookings not yet open.

This information is for travelling to Yarnfield Park, which (obviously) we are not doing in 2021. However, we'll leave it here in case people are considering the 2022 MathsJam. For those arriving on Friday ...


The restaurant may be open, and if so that will probably be from 19:00 to 20:00 or so. Dinner is not included in the bed'n'breakfast rate, so you will need to pay separately.

Still to come: details about food on Friday
There may be soup and sandwiches included in the rate - this is yet to be confirmed/arranged.

Alternatively, there is a Pub in walking distance - the Labour in Vain, about 3/4 mile, or a 15 minutes walk down the drive and turn right into the village. Booking is probably recommended, but be aware they they often find customers to be a surprise, and it's worth double checking that any booking has, in fact, been recorded and they are expecting you.

Friday evening

In previous years people have gathered in the bar area, had a refreshing beverage, played games, shared puzzles, and generally just mingled. That will probably happen again. Nothing formal is planned or arranged.

In case this information makes some difference to your decision, about 40 people were around on Friday evening in 2018, and 100 in 2019.

Next: Saturday Morning ...

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