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MathsJam Bookings
so far ...

We have a limit of about 200 delegates - the exact limit depends on a few things yet to be sorted. A estimate of that limit is shown, as is a straight line against which you can compare the current rate of room reservations and confirmations.

And thanks to a chance remark by one delegate I will now forever think of this as "The Graph of Doom". Exactly whose doom is not quite clear ...

Even so, things seem to be working well so far ...

(There is more still to come)

From here, here are some pages you might like to visit:

Bookings Chart
from 2018

You can see pretty clearly in the early stages of this chart how registration was first made available to people who had been before, and they immediately registered and made their reservation. You can also see that the general announcement was made on day T minus 165, which is where registrations took off, but the rate of room reservations remained fairly constant.

More recently, at about T minus 75 days, there has been a surge in payments as people return from holidays to find the emails reminding them. No doubt there will be another surge with each MathsJam missive.

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