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Hi there.

The Speaking Visit Details Form is great for when I'm about to do a talk, but when I've been and gone, there's a lot that's superfluous. So here is a cut-down version with just what's needed to create the invoice.

-- Colin Wright

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When was the talk?


Invoicing ...

If you've read my Juggling Talk Requirements
then you know my policy regarding money.
Estimate my expenses, add on your fee, and
fill in the details.

Invoice addressee:
 <:- Name
 <:- Address 1
 <:- Address 2
 <:- Postcode
 <:- Invoice total

Finally, please fill in the box to complete the following sentence to appear on the invoice:

Mathematics presentation given at    on (I'll fill in the date)

You can add anything here you feel I've missed.
In particular, if you need a purchase order number quoting, please include it here.



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