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About this site ...

This site is (mostly) generated automatically from plain text files. If you want to see the plain text for a given page, go to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says Edit this page. That brings up a form with the plain text in it. If you make changes to the text and click on the button marked submit them for processing your changes will be sent to me, and I can then integrate them into the site. You might also be interested in the Editing Tips page.

There are a few things immediately noticeable about this site.

The wording is sometimes a little odd ...

Because the site is auto-converted to HTML from plain text, every now and again the auto-linking needs a helping hand. This can result in the occasional odd turn of phrase. It also means that the links tend to be plain and informative, rather than fancy and less clear.

It's a little dry ...

We don't use Flash, Java, JavaScript, large images, or massive tables. We aim to deliver high quality content without the bloat that so often leads to tediously slow downloads. The result is less manic and less colourful, but we hope to make up for that by having real content.

You can contribute

We want to provide content that is of interest to you, but we have limited time, money, and, more importantly, knowledge of what you actually want. We therefore offer you the opportunity to contribute to this site. Most pages have a link at the bottom that takes you to the plain text version in a form. If you want to add something to a page, or if you spot an error, simply click on the link. Then you can then edit the text in your browser, click on the "submit" button and it will be emailed to us. Suggested changes are reviewed regularly and incorporated into the site if appropriate.

So, please feel free to send us your suggested changes and we will do our best to make and keep this site both useful and interesting. Please note, however, that if you send page updates with no substantive changes or improvements, or if you do not fill in your e-mail address so that I can discuss the changes with you, you will not see any changes on the page.


Content is added sporadically, but frequently. To see which pages have been changed have a look at Recent Changes. In addition, some new pages result in new links from existing pages, so even if a page hasn't directly been changed it may have new connectivity!

Still to do:

  • more fun stuff to add about mathematics
  • shorten some pages and think about removing the "Contents" section unless it's actually used
  • think about the formatting - if you have any thoughts or suggestions then please Let Us Know
  • update the Site Map
  • review every page, even if only briefly



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