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This form is in the process of being replaced, but the information on this page is still relevant. I'm in the process of re-working the information and the juggling talk pages as a whole, but don't have a lot of time. Hence it proceeds incrementally.

And slowly.

You can still complete this form to request a talk.


Hi there.

You've probably come to this page because you've asked me to come and give a talk for you. If you've dealt with me before then you can just crack on, but if this is your first time, then I'd like say a few words, because this is going to seem like a lot of work.

Let me start by saying that I know that organising a talk is, in general, a lot of work. I know that. But someone has to do it, but we can minimise the amount of work by careful preparation and checklists.

Other things you might want include:
I have around 100 Speaking Engagements each year, and that's in addition to holding down a full-time day job. I'm trying to make the job of organising a talk as painless as possible. Hence this check-list.

By using this form we can get all the necessary information agreed and in one place, minimising the time spent on the organisational aspects. That means I don't have to take as much time off my paying job, and that's good. It means that I can continue to do a high volume of talks. I actively try to accept all invitations to speak, figuring that people invite me because they think I do a good job, and that my visits are useful and important.

Running a company with some 20 employees who count on me doing my part is a full-time job. Travelling to speak takes time out of that - time that I need to justify.

The less time out I take, the easier that is.

So think of it like this. If every host does this small amount of work for their own visit, then I don't have to do the rather large amount of work. That's good for me, and I hope good for everyone, because it means I can keep doing my talks, and I can continue not to charge vast fees to do so.

A final note. Email forms on the web attract vast amounts of spam. You can see my spam rates on the Spam Table page. To help combat this I have incorporated some very basic anti-spam measures on this page.


I don't want your work discarded as spam and wasted.

And neither do you.

-- Colin Wright

So, here we go.


Some of these fields are pre-filled with some text. You need to remove the existing text and put in the appropriate answer. As an example, look closely at the "Nearest Train Station" bit.

If you really can't cope with this then email me. This is a trial version of this form, so it may need further simplification.

Who are you?

You must answer
the first question,
else your email
will be discarded
as spam.
What is eight plus 5? DIGITS ONLY!!
Your email address REQUIRED!!
Your real name
Contact phone number for use on the day
Place for the lecture
Postcode of the venue (so I can download a map)

The audience and talk ...

Audience composition:
  • 14-16
  • Student
  • Adult
  • Professional
  • Retired
  • Mixed
  • Other
Expected audience size:
Talk topic:
  • Juggling - Theory and Practice
  • Maths at Work
  • Patterns Fail, but Proofs Prevail
  • Infinity
  • Radar: Past, Present and Future
  • Other: 

Tell me here about your available dates and times:



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