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Publically Sharing Links - 2015/01/05

For years I've been visiting, reading, and contributing to a site called "Hacker News[0]." About 3.5 years ago I basically withdrew[1], finding it increasingly frustrating, but I never really went away. Slowly I've returned and contributed again, although not at the same level, and generally just by contributing links and not often getting involved in the discussions. But once again I'm getting frustrated and want to leave, but where else can I share things I find, and then enter into discussions?

Frequently I get sent, or stumble across, links that I know people will find interesting. I tweet them, but that's terribly ephemeral. I put them on Facebook, but most people I know don't use Facebook much, so they don't much get seen, and don't much get discussed. Similarly, any discussion on twitter is lost.

I find that terribly frustrating.

But where else is there to share stuff? If Facebook wasn't so utterly objectionable then more of my friends and colleagues might use it, and then we'd have a decent resource for discussions and archiving of conversations. But it is, and so I'm left wondering where to share links of interest, somewhere where we can have a decent discussion that can be referred to later.

Knowledge preserved.

Any suggestions? Perhaps the thing to do is to find a way of extracting conversations/exchanges from Twitter, since that has such a low barrier to entry, so people can and will join in. Would that be useful? To have a way to extract discussions automatically from Twitter to create a document that can be kept.

Or is there a better way?

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I've decided no longer to include comments directly via the Disqus (or any other) system. Instead, I'd be more than delighted to get emails from people who wish to make comments or engage in discussion. Comments will then be integrated into the page as and when they are appropriate.

If the number of emails/comments gets too large to handle then I might return to a semi-automated system. That's looking increasingly unlikely.



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