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Recently, Rachel Wright and I have been watching the episodes of "The Adventures of Paddington Bear" that have been transmitted on broadcast TV here in the UK. It's not exactly gentle viewing, but Paddington is kind, helpful (or tries to be), and it always turns out well. Not very realistic, but if you watch with the right attitude, it is uplifting. Judge us if you will - we don't care.

But I did notice something a bit odd.

Paddington is a full 3D computer animated production, and we can have a look at some of the detail. Here, Mr Brown is doing the dishes, then hears something behind him ...

Then we get a wider shot, again of Mr Brown doing the dishes, but have a look at the notes on the fridge ... and they've changed!

Before and after

Why should they change?

In a "real life" shoot I can see the set being moved about and things not being put back as they were, but this is a "model" in a computer ... why should it change?

Then later they change again.

And again !

In the second one there is a note missing, but that's because Mrs Brown has taken it, so that's OK.

But look at the colours on the fridge magnets ... why should they change like that?

I'm sure we could start to deduce something about the way the animation is done, although I'm not sure there would be much value in doing so. There are other "continuity errors" to be found, and while you probably wouldn't see them first time of viewing, I wonder how obvious they might become on repeated viewings.

So there's something going on here, some way that the "set" being used is changed from "shot" to "shot", mimicking what happens in a real-life shoot.

It's unnecessary, but to be honest, I find it rather charming.

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