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Here's what we need to do:



  • Sketch arrangements for travel, meals and accommodation;
  • Estimate attendance
  • Finalise travel, meals, and if necessary, accommodation
  • Generate invoice
  • Arrange where, when, and who will meet and escort me
I get so many requests for talks, this is where I've collected the advice I give.

In short, I would be delighted to come and speak for you.

What follows will seem endless, but I ask that you read it carefully. It has evolved over several years, and contains the experience I've gained in that time. It should help us to organise a successful visit.

I actively try to accept every invitation to speak. That's not always possible, but I like to think that if it's possible, I'll do it. This page is an attempt to make the process of organising a talk as efficient and painless as possible, the better to achieve that goal. Reading it carefully is your part, so we can work together towards a successful visit.

In order to stream-line the process of organising talks I have created, and continue to enhance, a check-list to assist with the arrangements. In 2019 I gave over 150 talks - you can imagine how many emails that entailed - and I'm sure you can appreciate that efficiency is essential.

More details follow on Arranging A Talk Part II - there I expand on each of these so you can provide the information I need to come and speak for you. You don't need all of it at once! In fact, if you already have a date in mind you can complete the Talk Request Form now - otherwise have a look at Arranging A Talk Part II.

I look forward to hearing from you!

When you think about how much speakers need to charge, here's some reading:

My policies on fees and expenses:



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