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A big list of topics that may or may
not form the basis of a book.

Or two.

Also look up "Folklore in/of Mathematics"

This overlaps with the
Farrago of Fragments

  • A+B=C
  • Hats 0 to n-1, someone to be right
  • Perrin
  • Product of chords
  • Counting bounces
  • Pythagoras by incircle
  • Astronaut in a sphere
  • Coins to make hexagon
  • Coins to make straight line
  • Brownian, (0,1) -> (<1,0) prob?
  • Tethered to perimeter, graze half?
  • Sqrt 2 not in Q. n^th root neither
  • Mutilated chessboard
  • Thirteen piles of four.
  • Three integers in a.p. whose product is prime?
  • Integer whose English name is alphabetical?
  • Lifting the rail track
  • Curve versus triangle

  • Infinitely many composites
  • Shoelaces - knot theory
  • sin t + a cos (t+c) is still sin
  • Product of sum of squares still
  • Half integer rectangles
  • Pythagoras generalised
  • Non- crossing Euler.
  • Bi-colour Jordan curves.
  • Complex proof of Pythagoras
  • Unstable quadratics
  • Why is A4 210x297 ?
  • Area by cutout and weigh.
  • Percentage wine in water.
  • Tower of a's
  • Lanchester's laws
  • Rock in boat in swimming pool
  • helium balloon in car
  • Cars across the desert

Initial written versions now exist (not on this web site) of:

To be considered/processed:
  • complex number to complex power
  • rock in boat in swimming pool
  • helium balloon in car
  • helium balloon on moon
    • (inside moonbase / outside on surface).

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