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A Wiki Wiki is a web site whose content is literally edited by anyone with 'net access. Pages are written as plain text and then rendered to HTML on the fly as the page gets loaded. Each page has a link on it that takes you to a form with the plain text in it, and you can edit that text, submit it, and it goes live immediately.

You may care to have a look at the great grand-daddy of them all, the C2 wiki at and especially the page

This site is an off-line version. Using the ideas I can create a site that's rich in content, fully linked and easy to maintain. I can't make it go live in the same way that a wiki is live, but I can try. Thus you can suggest changes to pages by using the edit link at the bottom of each page. See Let Us Know and About This Site for more information.


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  • Maths, Design, Juggling, Computing,
  • Embroidery, Proof-reading,
  • and other clever stuff.

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