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Around 10 years ago, Rachel was gifted a beautiful car, a Jaguar XJ8. Nimrod has served us well, and is lovely. But now he will fail his MOT. He needs some significant welding done, and of itself we would probably do that, but when John at the garage started to investigate he found that two of the fuel lines are leaking.

Others have said that the parts should be quite easy to make or find, and that they can't understand why our garage chap claims that it's difficult. So there is some disagreement.
But Jaguar no longer make the parts, and John can't find them on the internet either. He even asked a friend who specialises in pipes and hoses, and he says he can't make them.

John then added that to fit the parts, assuming we can find them, is a huge job - around £300.

So the situation is that we would somehow need to find the parts, pay £300 to have them fitted, get about £700 worth of welding done, and then he would pass his MOT. There's also bodywork that needs sorting, but that won't cause an MOT failure.

So it's just not economical, and John (somewhat reluctantly) has said that it's probably just not worth doing. But he then went on to echo our own feelings. He's a beautiful car. The interior is beautiful, the engine and gearbox are fine, it would be a real shame to simply scrap him.

Based on current advice, Nimrod is not safe to drive for any significant distance, and possibly not at all. He is currently in the Birkenhead area, so arrangements would need to be made to collect him.
And so we are looking for someone who wants to take on a project. We want someone who will adopt Nimrod, give him a home, work on him, and bring him back to working condition.

We are potentially even willing to donate Nimrod to someone who will take him on, but that would be to someone who is a friend of a friend, or highly recommended as "a good egg".

So, do you know someone? Or do you know of someone who might know someone? We would prefer a friend, or friend of a friend, but in the end, we want someone who will do the right thing.

We are open to all serious suggestions and proposals.


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