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Test data for the text to html conversion routines. You can experiment in the Sand Box.

Testing Math Jax: $y^2=ax^3+bx+c$

What do we have here?
Line breaks are necessary
Lonely underscore.
At right should be a floating table with an admittedly rather poor haiku, and this text should float around it. The "40" after the ">" in the text, which should not appear in the output, should mean that the table occupies 40% of the page width.
This is a second floating box,
but with no specific size,
and aligned to the left
instead of the right.
The intention is that soon this page will exercise every feature. It will be compiled by embedding this page in the source code for the converter, and thus will form a self-testing system of sorts. That's the next major change currently planned. The next haiku should be in a paragraph of its own, but centered using "|>>" and "<<|".

Needs separation?
Solitary underscore
Ahah A line-break.

Testing bold with underline and italics and trailing words.

Heading 1

Sub-heading 1.1

Sub-heading 1.2

Sub-sub-header 1.2.1

Sub-sub-header 1.2.2

Sub-heading 1.3

Sub-heading 1.4

Heading 2

Sub-sub-heading 2.0.1

Sub-heading 2.1

Sub-sub-heading 2.1.1

Sub-heading 2.2

table test 1
surrounded by space
with hole at top right

table test 2
surrounded by space

no blank lines around


Big Header

Next header

Little header

This should be in bold type, while this is Underlined type .

This is a new paragraph, and this is in Italic type.


Site Swap site swap Site swap <- testing capitalisation conversions.
Grumpy Old Men on the Trains <- and again ...

Testing changes made other than via the comment form.


  This should be preformatted data
  Lines and spaces preserved.

And something I'm not convinced about could appear in red.

Test tool tip



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