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Here is a list of most of my speaking engagements. Although I've been giving talks since 1985 or so, I've only recently started to keep accurate records, so it doesn't go back a long way.

If you would like to attend one of these then please send mailto:talks@solipsys.co.uk and I'll check to see that the organisers don't mind.


This is just a list of some of the talks for which I have been booked. In particular, a date not being listed here does not, of itself, imply that I am free on that date.

The map shows white dots for each postal district, red dots for recent past talks, and a green dot in a black circle for most of the upcoming talks. It's just an experiment and may not be kept up to date. It is accurate as of %(date)s.

For more information about this map please see

I'm really keen to get some feedback, because some people don't like the charts, and some people don't like the long list. If you have any ideas for how to present this information and make it clearer, please, let us know.

Speaking engagements follow ...

Old talks in red
Future talks in green
Larger means sooner

From now going forwards ...

Note that, of necessity, some of these timings are approximate.

Date Time Event type Location District


Previous talks, from now going backwards

Date Time Event type Location District

%(talks_past)s In case you're interested (although I can't see why you might be) see also



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