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The Spam Table page has automated, although admittedly less pretty, versions of these data. That page gets updated regularly.
I've been analysing recently the amount of spam I get. It's not hard. I keep copies of all the spam, to feed my Bayesian spam filter. It's easy to count how many spam I receive each month, so I dropped those numbers into a spreadsheet and plotted the graph.

This plots the number of spam received per month, starting from August 2002 and running up to December 2010. The recent decline is most welcome, and it would be interesting to know what's caused it. Certainly the press has mentioned the breaking of botnets, but I also wonder if the advent of Windows 7 and its continuing adoption has helped.

Pure speculation.

Spam graph

Here are older versions:

Interesting ...





See for more information about Bayesian filters.


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