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CharlesBrookman's favourite patterns, and why.

2 Balls


SS:2 SS:2T SS:(2T,2T) SS:(2x,2x) SS:(2T,2T)(2x,2x) SS:[2T2T]0 SS:330 SS:31 SS:312 SS:30313 SS:[33]00 SS:[33]00[11] SS:420 SS:411 SS:4400 SS:41401 SS:[42]04020 SS:(4,4)(0,0) SS:(4x,4x)(0,0) SS:(4,4)(0,0)(4x,4x)(0,0) SS:(4,2x)(2x,0) SS:(4,2x)(2x,0)* SS:40 SS:[44]000[11] SS:[44]000 SS:515001 SS:501 SS:600 SS:6020 SS:606000 SS:602040 SS:7001 SS:8000 SS:90001

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