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CharlesBrookman's favourite Juggling Patterns, and why.

3 Balls


SS:3 SS:[33]13[11] SS:[33]12


SS:[42]21 SS:4440 SS:(4,4)(4,0) SS:(4x,4x)(4,0) SS:(4,4)(4x,0)* SS:(4x,4x)(4x,0)* SS:(4x,2x) SS:441 SS:41424 SS:423 SS:4413 SS:(4,2x)(2x,4) SS:[44]400 SS:([44],4)(0,0) SS:[44]040 SS:[42T]0 SS:522 SS:5520 SS:55500 SS:50505 SS:51 SS:52512 SS:5251512 SS:5241 SS:51414 SS:504 SS:5223 SS:52233 SS:53502 SS:531 SS:5313 SS:53133 SS:5340 SS:52413 SS:53142 SS:12345 SS:[53]01


SS:6161601 SS:(6,6)(2x,0)(0,6x)(2,2) SS:(6,6)(2x,0)(0,6)(2,2)* SS:60 SS:[64]06020 SS:0123456 SS:6251403 SS:6304152 SS:720 SS:711 SS:7007007 SS:71717001 SS:71701701 SS:70701 SS:7131 SS:713151 SS:73131 SS:801 SS:808020 SS:80808000 SS:8040 SS:804060 SS:900 SS:913131 SS:9313131 SS:a020 SS:a04040 SS:b001 SS:b1313131 SS:c000

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