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CharlesBrookman's favourite patterns, and why.

4 Balls


SS:([2T2T],[2T2T]) SS:([2x2x],[2x2x]) SS:[33]33 SS:[33]0[33] SS:[33][11] SS:[33]1[32]


SS:[32T][32T]2T SS:[31] SS:[332T]2T2T SS:[42]24 SS:4 SS:(4,4) SS:(4x,4x) SS:(4,4)(4x,4x) SS:(4,4)([44],0) SS:(4x,4x)([44],0) SS:(4,4)([4x4x],0)* SS:(4x,4x)([4x4x],0)* SS:[44]0 SS:[43]333 SS:[43]23


SS:55550 SS:5551 SS:55514 SS:53 SS:5344 SS:53444 SS:534 SS:6622 SS:66620 SS:666600 SS:660 SS:666206626602 SS:666060 SS:(6x,2x) SS:(6x,2x)(2x,6x) SS:(6,2x)(6,2x)* SS:61616 SS:6161626 SS:642444 SS:6424 SS:642 SS:646404 SS:633444 SS:6334 SS:633 SS:6451 SS:23456 SS:64253 SS:63524 SS:[72]21 SS:7070707 SS:71 SS:7272712 SS:751515 SS:7441 SS:714 SS:741 SS:7333 SS:7333444 SS:7531 SS:7135 SS:1234567 SS:7415263 SS:7362514 SS:[77]00[11] SS:822 SS:8208208 SS:8800 SS:82812812 SS:818181801 SS:81812 SS:80 SS:83333 SS:012345678 SS:837261504 SS:9191919001 SS:912 SS:9090901 SS:91901 SS:9151 SS:915171 SS:933333 SS:[a2]0a020 SS:a20 SS:a0a0a020 SS:a0a0a0a000 SS:b1b001 SS:b01 SS:b15151 SS:b17131 SS:c00 SS:d1515151 SS:e020 SS:f001

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