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The Shower is one of the fundamental Juggling Patterns, and is the one most non-jugglers visualise when they think of juggling. The balls go in an elongated circle with one hand throwing the balls high in the air, the other hand gathering them in and transferring them over to be thrown again.

images/Shower.png The shower can be done either synchronously or asynchronously, with some jugglers having a strong preference. In Site Swap the 3-ball asynchronous shower is 51, the 4-ball asynchronous shower is 71, and in general the n-ball asynchronous shower is (2n-1)1. images/shower.gif
Asynchronous Shower

Synchronous Shower
In synchronous Site Swap notation the 3-ball synchronous shower is (4x,2x).

Always work on any Juggling Trick or Juggling Pattern with your weaker hand first. You'll find that it's much harder, but if you learn the other way round first you'll never put in the effort to get it both ways.

The Shower and the Half Shower have identical topology. It's actually the same as the Cascade, except the circuit there has a half-twist.


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