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This is the Sand Box, a place where you can play with all the website editing and layout.

You might want to look at Editing Tips to see what's possible.

Sort of.


Go on ... have a play ... that's what this page is for!

{{{ BASIC GOTO 10 }}}

The {{{ and }}} need to be on lines by themselves, or at most have the language name following the {{{, like this:

Is this
The chemical formula for glucose is $C_6H_{12}O_6.$

The chemical formula for sucrose is $C_{12}H_{22}O_{11}.$

    GOTO 10
See Editing Tips for more information (although not much). Send to ask questions directly.

Q: Excellent wiki. Does it do HTML? <font color=red> Any HTML?

A: Yes it does do HTML. You can embed HTML directly in the output file by having three single quotation marks and a space at the start of the line. There are lots of places where this is used. Here's an example:

This is in red

I generally won't accept changes that use that feature, though, because HTML can have nasty virus-like things in it and I can't spare the time to check every single line. In general I will therefore ignore changes that use lots of HTML.

A: Because otherwise it would be confusing.
Q: Why are questions and answers always in a specific order?

Test n splats in a row:

  1. :1 *
  2. :2
  3. :3
  4. :4
I need to fix this, but I'm not sure how ...



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