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Rubenstein's Revenge is sort of Mills Mess with knobs on. It has an extra twirl of the arms and when done smoothly, looks both attractive and perplexing. It's also extraordinarily difficult to do well.

Assuming the red ball is aloft on the left side, start with the blue ball in the left hand, the green ball in the right hand, and cross the left arm over the right so that the blue ball is on the far right of juggle space and the green ball is about in the middle.


  1. Uncross your arms, and recross them left under right.
  2. Throw the blue ball (left hand) from right juggle space so it will come down in the middle
  3. Uncross your arms and catch the red ball with the left hand
  4. With the right hand throw the green ball, (an outside throw, see MM STD) then catch the blue ball in the middle. Continue moving the right hand over to the left, over the left arm.
  5. Left hand throw the red ball from right juggle space under the right arm, then catch the green ball.

Repeat on the other side.


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