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Experimenting with neato ...

As mentioned on Colins Blog, while reading some of Paul Graham's essays I wondered how they were all interconnected. I tried a quick experiment and got an interesting picture, so today I spent another hour and made the map clickable, and slightly better laid out. The result is interesting, and here it is.

Quite effective.

You can also see Paul Graham Essays Ranking. The rankings are encoded here in the colour of the different boxes - it's a challenge to work out what the colours mean! One colour plane is controlled by the forward "Page Rank" value, one colour plane by the reverse "Page Rank" value, and the last is always "fully on." Who knows what the various mixes might mean.

I'm pretty sure the colours don't correlate well with any intrinsic "value."

The ranking is more-or-less the Google-style "Page Rank," where we assume that a visitor follows an outbound link at random 85% of the time, and leaps to a random page the other 15% of the time. Then we compute the likelihood of being on any given page.

Finally, I've made a second, smaller map of those essays that aren't linking in with the giant component. The colours there are a bit easier ...



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