Paper Dodecahedron

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The idea ...

OK, this is really cool. With just folded paper
you can make a fantastic looking dodecahedron,
one of the best looking objects in mathematics.

How do I do that?

Make one "module" ...

images/dodec_0.jpg So, start with a
piece of paper
that's 3x4.

Yes, I know this
one is 6x8 - work
with me here ...
images/dodec_1.jpg Fold it lengthwise
into 3, creating
a Z-fold.
Lay it flat on the table
as shown here.

Fold all three layers
together on the dark

Fold the top left down,
the bottom right up and
fold the diagonal in the

All three folds are in the
same direction - all three
folds are "upwards".

Fit them together ...

images/dodec_5.jpg Here you can see that
the short fold at one tip
matches the long fold on
the diagonal.
images/dodec_6.jpg It gets tucked
into the gap.

This is a
little tricky.
images/dodec_7.jpg We're looking back now
from the other direction.
We can see two edges on
the vertex.
images/dodec_8.jpg Here you can
see the third
edge being
images/dodec_9.jpg This gives you
one complete

Lather, rinse, repeat ...

The completed object ...


There may be a movie to follow ...



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