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There is a class of Juggling Tricks known as One Throw Tricks. In these tricks a base pattern is juggled, usually a Fountain or Cascade, and then a single unusual throw is made. Examples of this style of trick include

Although these are called One Throw Tricks, and are thought of as consisting of just a single throw, in practice the throw before is usually slightly higher or slightly wider or otherwise slightly different to make allowance for the next throw.


Some people (Hi Josh!) think these are impossible, but they're not. Honest. If you can do One High Throw then you're well on your way. The next one to learn is Over The Top.

After that, persevere. Work on it. Throw one really high, then while it's in the air, throw one Und erThe Leg, also really high. Und erThe Arm is also an easy one to learn. Work on it. Practise.

It's not impossible. It can't even be too hard if I can do it.



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