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Usually in juggling catches are made with the hand open and the palm facing upwards. It is possible, however, to "catch" balls in other ways.

The Claw / The Snatch

A catch can be made with the palm facing downwards. If the ball is already dropping then this means that the hand has to start above the ball and overtake it, whereas if the ball is rising the hand might either wait to meet it, or even "recoil" from its impact.

The Fork

To catch a ball on the back of the fingers it's easiest if the fingers are slightly spread, and it's most common to have the ball balance between the index and middle fingers. This is called the fork.


Balls can be caught, balanced or placed almost anywhere. They can be placed on the head, under the chin, under the arm, or bounced off various parts of the body including, but not limited to, the crook of the elbow, the knee, the foot, and so on. Combinations of such "catches" can be particularly effective.



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