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Cot Blanket
Jacobean Fire Screen
Kiwi Panel
Liturgical Embroidery

Private Projects

I have been embroidering since I was fifteen, so I have quite an accumulation of work by now. The Jacobean Fire Screen and the Kiwi Panel are examples of some of my more recent work. I am now planning a pair of panels inspired by the book "Nefertiti Lived Here" by Mary Chubb, which chronicles her adventures as secretary to the Egypt Exploration Society's expeditions under JDS Pendlebury in the early 1930s. Heaven knows when I'll start work on those!

Commissioned Projects

I have started to do hand embroidery to commission. As an inveterate stitcher, this has the definite advantage that when the piece is completed I have no need either to store it or to display it!

I am now working on two privately commissioned embroideries:

Another commission is in the planning stage: a tablecloth, inspired by the "Amelia Peabody Emerson" adventures written by Elizabeth Peters.

My first completed private commission was the Teddy Bears Cot Blanket.

Teaching Projects

I also lead a small embroidery group at church. We haven't yet moved on to vestments, but the Liturgical Embroidery page will show you what we have been doing.

We are now working on a companion cover for the book of the Liturgy. The design is based on the Pentecostal flame, and the base fabric is again the woollen fabric used for the book of the Gospels.



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