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Nadia Baker studied Maths, Computer Science and Japanese at Adelaide University, Australia. Throughout university, she worked at the Adelaide Investigator Science and Technology Centre, which ignited her passion for teaching Maths and Science in fun, relevant and engaging ways.

In 2003, Nadia joined the circus - the Shell Questacon Science Circus! She brought Science to life in rural, regional and remote areas of Australia, through explosive demonstrations, giant bubbles, slime, liquid nitrogen and fire. When not on tour, she was based at the Australian National University completing a Graduate Diploma in Scientific Communication.

Nadia moved to England in 2005 to teach Mathematics at a secondary school in Kent. She has also taught in remote areas of Malawi and Nepal.

In February 2007, Nadia joined the Millennium Mathematics Project based at Cambridge University to run The Enigma Project in schools. She has since developed and now delivers the Hands-On Risk & Probability Show and the Maths of Sport Roadshow in schools throughout the UK and abroad.

In her spare time, Nadia is busy completing a list of challenges she has set for her 30th year. These range from easy tasks, like winning the Lottery, to tough challenges like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and even the bizarre "secret mission."

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