Millennium Problems

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The Challenge

The Clay Mathematics Institute has published a challenge:

Solve any one of seven stated
problems to their satisfaction
and win a million dollars.

As you might imagine, the problems aren't trivial. In fact, some have been around for over 100 years, but with Fermat's Last Theorem being proven after 350 years who knows? Maybe these too will fall.

The problems

We can't do the problems justice here, so we'll just refer you to a few sites where they are stated. In short, they are: You can read more about these at the institute's own site:

There you can find precise statements of the problems, details of the rules, and lots more.

For more loads more information, Google is your friend


It appears that one of the problems, the Poincaré Conjecture, has been solved. Further, the person who appears to have solved it, Grigori Perelman, has been offered and declined the Fields Medal, and has said he wants nothing to do with the million dollar prize.



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