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I haven't heard Meg speak, but I have read (and very much enjoyed!) one of her books ("Piper" - see right) and we've had some wide-ranging and fun conversations. I certainly recommend her company, so I expect she's probably generally fun to listen to and work with.
Piper - published in October 2007

Tanith's grandmother tells her a mysterious story that has haunted her family for generations. It is a story without an end, a riddle that she must solve and to do so she must enter the dangerous world of the city, where lone children like her live on the edge, cast out by society.

There Tanith meets Crow, a charismatic boy with a band of ragtag kids depending on him for survival. The two are drawn to each other, but there's something strange about Crow and Tanith doesn't trust him with her secret. But maybe Crow has secrets of his own ...


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