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Dr Lewney talk locations.
Larger dots mean sooner,
red dots are already past.
Also known as Doctor Lewney, this amazing speaker explains the physics of vibrations with the help of props as diverse as an air-bazooka, a bullwhip and his custom Ibanez electric guitar through a Marshall amp, turned up LOUD!, with live demonstrations of expert rock guitar playing throughout.

Mark is one of the Other Speakers I can recommend.


The map at right shows the rough locations of some of Dr Lewney's upcoming talks, but it doesn't give much indication of when. The list gives exact dates, and the "map" at the bottom of this page gives the details in a different way.

This page is not definitive!

You need to check his home page for details:

... click on the "Tour Dates" link at the top.

From now going forwards ...

Here is a simple list of talks. The postcodes are often approximate and should not be relied on. Their locations are for indication only.

Date Event/Location District
2011-03-14 Margotsfield, Bristol BS16
2011-03-15 Maths Inspiration, Bristol BS1
2011-03-17 Queen Elizabeth School, Derbyshire DE6
2011-03-18 Cockermouth CA13
2011-03-21 Bromsgrove School B61
2011-03-26 ASE Conference, Bradford BD1
2011-03-29 Maths Inspiration, Portsmouth PO1
2011-03-30 IET event, Surrey University GU2
2011-04-09 Music Museum, Brentford TW8
2011-04-16 Edinburgh International Science Festival EH1
2011-05-03 South Craven School BD20
2011-05-06 to 08 Las Vegas International Science Festival (TBC)
2011-05-13 to 15 Sofia Scifest, Bulgaria
2011-06-04 Physics Teacher Network, Glasgow G1
2011-06-08 Cheltenham Science Festival GL50
2011-06-09 Cheltenham Science Festival GL50
2011-06-10 Cheltenham Science Festival GL50
2011-06-21 Portsmouth Science Festival PO1
2011-07-14 Brainwave 11, Durham (TBC) DH1
2011-07-15 Brainwave 11, Durham (TBC) DH1
2011-07-16 Brainwave 11, Durham (TBC) DH1
2011-07-18 Wrexham Science Festival LL11
2011-07-19 Wrexham Science Festival LL11

Talks in Space-Time ...

This "map", provided you can read it, shows both when and where these talks will be. See if you can work it out.

Selected past talks ...

Date Event/Location District
2010-01-29 Kings School, Taunton TA1
2010-02-13 University of Glamorgan, South Wales CF37
2010-02-15 Institute of Physics, London W1B
2010-02-23 Preesall FY6 0NP
2010-02-24 Lancaster LA1
2010-02-25 Ashton College, Preston PR2
2010-02-24 Theale School, Reading RG7
2010-03-15 Hull University HU6
2010-03-17 Swansea SA6
2010-03-19 William Ramsey School, High Wycombe HP15
2010-03-20 Surrey Uni Science Circus GU2
2010-03-24 Appleby CA16
2010-03-25 Maths Inspiration, Nottingham Playhouse NG1
2010-04-10 Edinburgh International Science Festival EH1
2010-04-26 Wooton Basset SN4
2010-05-04 Sirius Academy, Hull HU1
2010-06-10 Cheltenham Science Festival GL52
2010-06-18 Bryanston, Dorset DT11
2010-09-02 Orkney Science Festival (TBC) KW15
2010-09-23 Mouton School, Northants NN3
2010-11-15 Maths Inspiration, London WC2R
2010-11-17 Langley Park BR3
2010-11-10 King's Worcester WR1
2010-11-17 Langley Park BR3
2010-11-20 ITP event, London WC2R
2010-11-29 Watford Boys WD18
2010-11-30 Ripley St Thomas LA1
2010-11-30 Surrey University GU2
2010-11-15 Maths Inspiration, Manchester M1
2010-11-30 Surrey University GU2
2011-02-02 Alcester Grammar B49
2011-02-07 Featherstone High, Ealing
2011-02-15 Codsall High WV8
2011-02-23 Kent Science Festival, Canterbury CT1
2011-02-23 Kent Science Festival, Canterbury CT1
2011-03-09 Harris City Academy, Crystal Palace SE19

More details to come later.



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