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MM STD Tutorial Part 4

As usual here's a quick recap:

Let's go back to the False Shower with the throws happening on juggler's right. We have seen that there are two basic varieties, one with the left arm crossing on top, the other with the left hand crossing underneath. For the sake of simplicity let's concentrate on the left arm underneath variety. This means that the states we are in are ...

Ur <---> Rl

What kind of exchange is the right hand doing in the False Shower? Well, from the juggler's point of view both hands are doing anti-clockwise circles. This means that the right hand is doing outside exchanges, but the left hand is doing inside exchanges. It's here that the care taken about the definition of inside versus outside exchanges pays off.

So when we move from Ur to Rl it's with an outside exchange, but when we move back from Rl to Ur it's with an inside exchange. What we do then is to put markings on the arrows to show what kind of an exchange we do, like this.

The circle on the arrow represents an O for an outside exchange, the bar across the arrow represents an I, meaning it's an inside exchange. This diagram represents the right-throw false shower, making outside exchanges with the right hand when the arms are uncrossed, and inside exchanges with the left hand when the left hand is crossed underneath.

Ok, quiz time. Draw the diagrams for

  1. the left-throw false shower with underneath throws,
  2. the left-throw false shower with above throws,
  3. the right-throw false shower with above throws,
  4. the cascade,
  5. the reverse cascade,
  6. the right-throw half-shower.

Have a go at these before moving on to MM STD 05






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