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MM STD tutorial

This is the next stage after MM STD - please see that page for a brief introduction.

From here on we're going to assume you can juggle three balls and we'll start with a three ball cascade. We're also going to assume that you juggle with a long (well, longish) Dwell Time. Imagine having a ball in each hand and one in the air. As the one comes down, exchange it for the ball in the right hand, throwing fairly high. Now wait for it to come down and then exchange in the left.

Notice how the hands are full for most of the time.

We will take this as a basis for the discussion. Think of the hands being full all of the time, and that there is a succession of exchanges in alternate hands.

We're also going to assume that we're juggling to music, and that each exchange happens on a beat. Of course, an exchange needs both a throw and a catch, in that order, and there is a small time gap between them. Some people like to think of the throw as happening exactly on the beat and the catch slightly after, We like to think of the throw as anticipating the beat and the catch happens on the beat. It doesn't really matter. There is an exchange at every beat of the music.

Finally, we're only going to deal with patterns where the exchanges happen in alternate hands. An exchange in the left hand must be followed by an exchange in the right, and vice versa. We will see later how to relax this restriction.

So, in summary;

  1. we juggle a 3 ball cascade with a long dwell time
  2. we juggle to music with an exchange on every beat
  3. the exchanges always alternate hands

These basic assumptions form the foundation of the notation.




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