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These are links, sites, and people
that I need to investigate in more detail:

Ross Anderson's "Security Engineering"? Evolving a parallel language: Dat - Distributed Dataset Synchronization and Versioning ConceptNet : semantic network Scheduling meetups and meetings: Writing and deploying a Python web app: Accounts: Open source software library for
numerical computation using
data flow graphs: The torn paper trick - up close and personal: The "Flix" programming language: Linux laptops:
See also: Random Resources


Plotnine: A grammar of graphics for Python Wikis meet mind-maps: Roma the engineer: Inventing a machine language: The ANTLR Mega Tutorial Data gathering and analysis Plain text in emails: Encrypted email system: A map of all mathematics: British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing Getting started with NLP: Decoding the Thought Vector Post Quantum Crypto: Category theory: Tim Gowers speculates about the curriculum: Computational Algebraic Topology When is one thing equal to some other thing? Norvig explores the TSP: How to Backdoor Diffie-Hellman: Getting started with Front-End programming Learning HTML:

Getting started with js Charting libraries: Build Your User Base: Some interesting Python modules: Python's regular expression hidden gems: Alpha Go: Clustering Characters in "Love Actually" Functional Programming, Abstraction, and Naming Things CategoryTheory and Programming: Lagrange Multipliers What should a professional mathematician know? Probabilistic Data Structures for Web Analytics and Data Mining: Dilbert's one page guide to everything financial: When greedy algorithms are good enough: Amazing Musical Mixture: Topology and the Klein Bottle emerging from "Big Data": Wheatstone Wave Machine: The Startup Playbook The DOM explained: Cumberbatch, in full flight as Smaug: Water extraction by continuous reverse osmosis: Seeing over the horizon with sulphur dioxide: English is weird: Using Remind, and organising files: Other stuff:

No doubt there are more ...


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