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So here is my attempt to translate the "Juggling Patter" into Norwegian.

I'd like to learn this, but need help with the pronunciation. If you speak Norwegian and are willing to

  • (a) correct this so it's actually right, and
  • (b) record it so I can hear how it's supposed to sound,

I'd love to hear from you.


Email me - there's a link at the bottom of the page, or:

Here it is:

  • Just as there's an uncertainty principle between position and momentum, so there's an uncertainty principle between energy and time.

    • Akkurat som det finnes en uskarphetsrelasjon mellom posisjon og impuls, så finnes det en uskarphetsrelasjon mellom energi og tid.

  • If we have a small uncertainty in time (which we have because we know exactly when the throws and catches occur) then we have a large uncertainty in energy, so we can borrow from the quantum uncertainty in energy to create a virtual ball/anti-ball pair, so long as they mutually annihilate each other within the uncertainty period, and so long as you don't do it next to a black hole, where one might fall in and the other pop out as Hawking radiation.

    • Hvis vi har en liten usikkerhet i tid (som vi har fordi vi vet nøyaktig når kast og mottak skjer) så har vi en stor usikkerhet i energi. Vi kan da bruke kvanteusikkerheten i energi til å skape et virtuelt ball/anti-ball par, så lenge de gjensidig utsletter hverandre innenfor usikkerhetsperioden, og så lenge du ikke gjør det ved siden av et svart hull, hvor en av ballene kan falle inn og den andre vil sprette ut som Hawking-stråling.

      • it is crucial to put emphasis on the word "little/liten", and then on the word "large/stor" ...

  • We use the quantum!

    • Vi bruker kvantet!


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