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Juggling Animation and Tutorial Software


What is Juggle Krazy?

It's a computer program that will animate juggling patterns. It comes with lots and lots of patterns so you can see what people mean when they talk about Cascade, Fountain, Shower, Mills Mess, Rubenstein's Revenge, Burke's Barrage, etc.


As well as being able to view the patterns that come with it, you can also create your own.

You can get the balls to leave trails behind them, you can speed up the animation or slow it down, even single step it or run it backwards. You can increase and decrease gravity. Want to know what it's like to juggle 15 balls on the moon? Er, perhaps not. But Juggle Krazy could show you if you did!

Want to know what it would look like if that one particular throw went over the top instead of underneath? Tell Juggle Krazy to do it for you.

Do you have a pattern that you want to share with others but is too complicated to describe? Put it into Juggle Krazy and send the file to your friends. You can even write your own tutorials on your favourite tricks.

Juggle Krazy can even teach a beginner how to juggle!


Juggle Krazy is Easy to Learn and Use!

Juggle Krazy has a mouse-driven graphical user interface and comes with:

These will tell you all you need to know about the many ways of creating and editing your own patterns and making the program demonstrate them.

Don't take our word for it, download the Shareware version of JuggleKrazy and try it for yourself!


How Can You Describe a Juggling Pattern?

Juggle Krazy understands both the widely used Site Swap notation and Ladder Diagrams to describe juggling patterns. If you're not familiar with these, don't worry! Site Swap is clearly explained in the online help and in an online tutorial (registered version only). Both Site Swap and ladder diagrams are explained in full in the manual that accompanies the registered version. Yes, we know no-one reads manuals, but if you're ever really desperate for something to do...

If you want to find out more NOW, check out our Introduction To Site Swap Web page.


Hardware Requirements

Juggle Krazy runs under MS-DOS on a PC with EGA colour graphics, 640K RAM, a mouse, and a 386 (or faster) processor. It also happily runs on the dosbox DOS emulator for Linux, and the PC emulators on the Acorn/Castle RISC PC and MacIntosh.


How to Get Hold of Juggle Krazy

You can download the Shareware version of JuggleKrazy (about 180K) for free evaluation.

The full registered version is available by mail order direct from

    Solipsys Ltd
    4 Brook Street
    Port Sunlight Village
    Wirral, CH62 5DB

for just 24.99 pounds (UK Sterling) plus one pound postage and packing (in the United Kingdom), two pounds postage and packing (overseas).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Mail questions or comments to Colin Wright, mailto:jk@solipsys.co.uk



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