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The Half Shower is the name given to a Juggling Pattern where one hand throws high over the top and the other hand throws low underneath, every throw going to the other hand. The 3-ball half shower is what results from doing One High Throw continually from

the same hand.

4 ball half shower

Stretching the high throw slightly can make enough space for four balls, giving the 4-ball half shower, and so on.

The Site Swap for the 4-ball half shower is generally 53 with the 5 done on the outside, but other timings are possible, especially when juggling larger numbers. Staying with purely asynchronous patterns, for example, 7 balls can be done as 7, as

95 or even as b3 (where the b means an 11 throw). Allowing Timing Variations gives even more possibilities.

The Shower and the Half Shower have identical topology. It's actually the same as the Cascade, except the circuit there has a half-twist.


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