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We decided we wanted to spend a week exploring Hadrian's Wall during August. It's always somewhere between confusing and impossible to find pleasant accomodation when you know where you want to be (who do you believe? are the reviews worth reading?) but we've found somewhere we like.

I was sure there was
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The Grindon Cartshed - - is a converted outbuilding on Grindon Farm, run by David and Jackie Armstrong. We found them through and one of the attractions is that they are trying to be environmentally friendly and generally "green".

We liked the sound of "trying to" - that is what we say we are doing. We live in a listed property and many of the recommendations for green living are not open to us, so we are becoming tired of being berated and bullied about green issues. Of course, a place that claimed top flight green credentials might not be much of a holiday!

As it happens, the Cartshed has been very nicely done. It has underfloor heating, and double glazing, to protect us from the elements, and we were greeted with a beaming smile and a pot of tea. The rooms are not overlarge, but all three are en-suite, pleasantly and uobtrusively decorated. There is a shared living area and a little kitchen, and during the summer season Jackie will come into the Cartshed and provide a cooked breakfast (delicious, and based on local produce!) and a packed lunch (which is simple, but ample). During the winter, the Cartshed is let as a single self catering unit which sleeps six, and as the kitchen is well-organised and well-equipped, it is much better than some we've used!

A recent RSPB survey identified some 80 species on the Farm, and we saw quite a wide variety from the living area, so footsore walkers of the Wall need not fear boredom as they rest their poor abused feet. Quite the contrary. Even non-birdwatchers like us could be fascinated for hours. There are even red squirrels in the woods behind the Farm, as well!

-- Rachel Wright

One of Rachels Ramblings.


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