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While I remember, we suggested Daphne might enjoy reading Jasper Fforde. Start with The Eyre Affair.

Also, Elizabeth Peters, specifically the series about Amelia Peabody Emerson. Start with The Crocodile On The Sandbank.



Visiting the Williamsons in Farndon. Just had a really good lunch at The White Horse in Churton.

Hello Graham and Daphne,

Just a quick note for you to find, and to say how much
I enjoyed meeting you for lunch on Friday.

I hope you find this web page useful - if there's
anything we can help with then do let us know. You
might find it most effective to remove things that
are out of date, irrelevant, or notes that are no
longer of use. Shorter pages tend to be better.

There may be a few formatting hints that you'll find
helpful but we can creep up on them gradually. Some
are obvious, others less so.

Best regards,

Colin (& Rachel)

So OK, we are editing the site now...

So, here we are. Rachel will show you how to edit this page.

I'm looking up about diamonds (almost) as I type ...

More soon.

OK, from this web page:

I quote:

A Swiss company ,, Algordanza, offers quite unique service: transformation of the ashes of your loved ones into quality high-grade certified diamonds. Believe it or not, but the company has many clients and many people choose this form of "funeral". The company was founded in 2004 and today has branches in 21 countries.

The whole process takes up to 8 weeks and costs up to 10600 Euros. The price depends on the number of carats. The first step of the whole process is the physical-chemical analysis of the ashes in laboratory. In this way a kind of "chemical finger print" is prepared. This analysis is necessary to be able to steer the subsequent physical and chemical processes, and to document the source of the memorial diamond from the original ashes. As basic material for the actual synthesis for one or more diamonds a quantity of 500g ashes is needed.

If requested all ashes can be used for the synthesis. They remain in the process until they are completely exhausted. The transformation of the ashes is carried out with utmost care and reverence. Every production step is accurately documented. The actual transformation process, the conversion of graphite into a memorial diamond is carried out under enormously high pressure and high temperature and requires a couple of weeks, depending on the size (weight) of the stone.

The memorial diamond shines white to bluish color. As different human beings are, as distinct are the tints of the diamonds. The bluish tint is depending on the individual quantity of the element Boron in the carbon. Boron is therefore an evidence for the organic source of the carbon. After the synthesis the rough diamond is cut and polished according to the client's request. Furthermore, the diamond can be engraved in micro scripture by means of laser inscription. The inscription is only readable with a magnifying glass.

So there you are ...



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