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Welcome to Gather Town


Gather Town is a place where you can have video and audio calls with people based on wandering around a virtual space. You get connected to people you are close to, based on the interaction distance that you (and they) have set.

At right is a basic outline of the ideas, there's a more complete and more official introduction here:

The system is under constant development and has changed in many ways over the past few months, so any on-line introductions or tutorials you find on-line might be out of date.

The basic ideas remain - wander around, get close to people, and have video calls with those around you.

Play !

Basic ideas:

  • Use the arrow keys to walk around;
  • You can't walk through furniture;
  • There are "Private Spaces"
Outside a private space
you get connected to
anyone close to you;
Inside a private space
you get connected to
everyone in that space;
  • You can mute yourself and others;

Currently it only works reliably on a laptop or desktop using Firefox or Chrome. It sort-of works on a phone, but all you can do is move around, and video doesn't work. It may work on a tablet.



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