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Recently I've published a book. Well, my company, Solipsys Limited, has published a book.

When I say this to people they clearly assume that I'm the author, and while that confusion is completely understandable, I'm getting a little weary of explaining the difference, and indeed, the different roles and stages.

So I've written a list.

Now, sometimes the publisher will provide their own Copy-Editor and/or Proof Reader, and sometimes not. Sometimes the Publisher will act as Distributor, and possibly Retailer. However, these are the roles that get performed, and while they are not all independent, they all exist.

So in this case:

The Author ... is the one who writes all the words, gathers the pictures, etc.
The Copy-Editor
and/or Proof Reader
... goes over everything making sure it's clear, and there are no errors.
The Agent ... is the person who tries to find a publisher.
The Publisher ... is the person or organisation that takes the financial risk, paying for the subsequent stages.
The Typesetter ... takes the manuscript from the author and creates the version that can be given to the printer.
The Printer ... takes the manuscript in some pre-specified form and creates a physical book, usually lots of them.
The Distributor ... hawks the book around to various retailers.
The Retailer ... is the person or organisation who holds copies of the book to sell to the eventual owner.
The Purchaser ... is the person who actually gives money to the retailer in exchange for a book.
The Reader ... is the person who finally reads it.
This is the final objective.


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