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                 Juggling -- Theory and Practice


                        Colin Wright

Juggling has fascinated people for centuries. Seemingly oblivious
to gravity, the skilled practitioner will keep several objects in
the air at one time, and weave complex patterns that seem to defy

In this talk the speaker demonstrates a selection of the patterns
and skills of juggling while at the same time developing a simple
method of describing and annotating a class of juggling patterns.
By using elementary mathematics these patterns can be classified,
leading to a simple way to describe those patterns that are known
already, and a technique for discovering new ones.

This talk is suitable for most ages. Those with some mathematical
background will find plenty to keep them occupied, and those less
experienced can enjoy the juggling as well as the exploration and
exposition of this ancient skill.


The Speaker:

Colin Wright graduated in 1982 from Monash University, Melbourne,
Australia, with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Pure Mathematics, and went on to
receive his doctorate in 1990 from Cambridge University, England.
While at Cambridge he also learned how to fire-breathe, unicycle,
juggle and ballroom dance. Since then he has worked as a research
mathematician, a computer programmer, and an electronics hardware
designer, taking time to give presentations all over the world on
"Juggling - Theory and Practice." Colin also enjoys sailing small
boats and playing bridge, although not (so far) at the same time.

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And now, in Welsh!

Graddiodd Colin Wright ym 1982 o Brifysgol Monash, Melbourne,
Awstralia, gan ennill gradd mewn Mathemateg Bur, ac aeth yn ei
flaen i dderbyn ei ddoethuriaeth ym 1990 o Brifysgol Caergrawnt.
Yn ystod ei gyfnod yng Nghaergrawnt, dysgodd sut i anadlu tân,
reidio beic un olwyn, jyglo a dawnsio neuadd. Oddi ar y dyddiau
hynny, mae wedi gweithio fel mathemategydd ymchwil, rhaglennwr
cyfrifiadur, a dylunydd caledwedd electronig, gan neilltuo amser
i roi cyflwyniadau cyhoeddus ym mhob cwr o'r byd ar



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